Filming permit application

According to Regulations for Issuing Administrative License for Certain Economic Activities – Decree-Law No.  dated on 26 October, 1998 which is revised by the Law No. 10/2003 dated on 28 July, 2003, when producing or directing any cinematograph film, documentary film or advertisement that is 1) about Macao, or uses Macao as background, or 2) requires scenes to be shot on public streets, and/or employs explosives, special effects or firearms, applicants must apply to the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government for permission to film in Macao at least 20 days in advance of the intended filming date.

To simplify the application procedure, in which applicants may need to apply to multiple public services during the filming, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao SAR Government, in cooperation with 10 public services, now provides a ‘Coordination Service for Filming Permit Application’. The Macao Grand Prix Museum under the Macao Government Tourism Office is one of the public services in the network, the Cultural Affairs Bureau shall serve as the public service receiving applications and providing inquiry service, while Macao Government Tourism Office will serve as the public service replying to the applications.

The following types of films can be exempted from the requirement to obtain a permit:
1.     Films directed and produced by public departments or organizations;
2.     Filming of news programs for the purpose of media broadcast.

For more information, please visit the “Filming permit” of Cultural Affairs Bureau website ( or contact the Museum at (853) 8593 0515 / (853) 8593 0516 for inquiries.