Registration Service for Travel Agency Visits

Travel Agency Visits Registration

The Macao Grand Prix Museum will arrange diversion or partial visit if the maximum capacity is reached. Due to the large number of visitors from travel agencies, the museum provides registration service for travel agencies to register in advance to ensure visiting the museum on time.

Application Methods
Download Registration Form
Notes on Application for Travel Agency Visits Registration
  1. All licensed travel agencies with a visiting group of 20 or more are eligible for the application for pre-registration service.
  2. Applications must be submitted at least 5 working days prior to the requested visit date. Visits will be arranged according to the order of application.
  3. Applications can be submitted up to 60 days prior to the requested visit date, application submitted less than 5 working days prior to the requested visit date will not be considered.
  4. For any change of application, the applicant should notify the museum 2 working days prior to the requested visit date. Otherwise, a new application should be lodged.
  5. Travel agency applications must be duly signed and sealed by the person in charge to indicate authenticity.
  6. Payment can be made at the Ticketing on the date of visit.
  7. Groups should arrive at the museum on time so as not to affect the visit arrangements. Booked service may be cancelled if the group are late for more than 30 minutes.
  8. Before visiting the museum, please read the “Visitor Guidelines” and follow the museum instructions.
  9. If a Tropical Cyclone Signal above No. 3  is hoisted, for safety reasons, the museum reserves the right to close the museum based on actual situation.
  10. Under certain circumstances, the museum reserves the right to reject, cancel or revise visit applications without compensation.
  11. All information provided in this registration form is true and accurate, any false or inaccurate information may render the application null and void.