Visitor Guidelines


In consideration of the precious collections in the Macao Grand Prix Museum (hereinafter referred to as the museum) and make sure all visitors can enjoy the visit in a pleasant environment, please follow and pay attention to the guidelines below when visiting the exhibits or using the museum facilities:

Visitor Guidelines

1.    Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 18:00 (Last admission at 17:30), closed on Tuesdays.
2.    Admission shall base upon presentation of a valid ticket per person, each visitor with on-the-day ticket is entitled to enter and leave the museum once.
3.    Pets (except guide dogs), dangerous goods, liquids or drinks are prohibited in the museum. The museum reserves the right to exclude intoxicated or disheveled persons from the museum.
4.    Children aged 12 or under must be accompanied by an adult to enter the museum.
5.    Large objects and luggage are not allowed to enter the museum, please keep valuable belongings with yourself and the museum is not liable for any loss.
6.    Staff have the right to ask visitors to leave the museum in case of any abnormal behavior or disturbance to others.
7.    In case of any discomfort, accident or emergency, please inform the staff immediately for assistance.
8.    Promotional activities, distribution or posting of promotional materials are prohibited in the museum without prior approval of the museum.
9.    Photos or videos recording with flashlights, selfie stick or tripods in the museum is not permitted; no commercial or non-visiting filming is allowed without prior approval of the museum.
10.    Please keep the museum clean and tidy. Smoking, drinking and eating are strictly prohibited in all public areas of the museum.
11.    Please do not write on, mark, soil or damage any exhibits, installations, walls, and facilities in the museum; compensation is required if any man-made damage is found and the museum reserves all rights to proceed for criminal responsibility according to laws.
12.    Do not shout or fight in the museum. Do not walk backwards or run on escalators to avoid accidents. 
13.    Visitors are required to follow the instructions and rules for the use of multimedia and interactive touchpoint, and operate under the guidance of the staff.
14.    Patients with heart disease or hypertension, pregnant women, people with disabilities, seniors aged over 65 and children aged under 12 should choose the appropriate interactive devices and games with caution.
15.    Please comply with the visitor guidelines and follow the instructions given by the staff. When it approaches the maximum visitor capacity, or in cases of emergency or special events, the museum will take measures such as diversion or partial visit. Visitors must cooperate and comply with the arrangement of the staff.
16.    Teachers of student groups are obligated to conduct safety education to the students prior to visit of the museum in a joint effort to maintain the safety of exhibits and ensure a good order.
17.    For safety reasons, the museum will be closed in case of emergency or a Tropical Cyclone Signal above No. 3 may hoist. Visitors should follow the staff's instructions to leave.
18.    For security reasons, closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) are installed in the museum for 24-hour video recording. 
19.    Please follow and pay attention to the guidelines above, otherwise the staffs have the right to ask visitors to leave the museum.

Interactive Touchpoints Guideline

Due to safety considerations, restrictions on age, height and weight may apply on certain interactive touchpoints. Guests are required to wear flat sole and close shoes while high-heeled are prohibited.

Personal Data Collection Statement

The data subjects indicate their consent explicitly for the acceptance of the collection and processing of their personal data (including Identification data, contact information, audio and image) by the Macao Government Tourism Office (“MGTO”) during their visit in the Macao Grand Prix Museum, and for the use of relevant data for the purpose of multimedia application by MGTO, upon purchase or use of the Macao Grand Prix Museum tickets.
-    All personal data collected by MGTO will be processed in compliance with the Macao Special Administrative Region Law No. 8/2005 – (Personal Data Protection Act).  
-    In conformity with the purpose of data collection and in the discharge of statutory obligations (such as legal requirements, security crime prevention or crime detection), the relevant information may also be transferred to other institutions or competent entities.
-    Data subjects are entitled by law to the right of access, rectification and objection. When exercising the above rights, they must apply in writing to MGTO.

This Personal Data Collection Statement is written in Chinese, Portuguese and English. In the event of discrepancy or ambiguity among the three versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.